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Including Absent Family Members in Your Wedding Memories

Weddings are a time of joy and celebration. Yet sometimes, not all our loved ones can be with us on this special day. As your trusted Virginia Wedding Photo & Video Team, we encourage including tributes to absent family members in your wedding. Here, we offer heartfelt and inventive ways to honor and include those who cannot be physically present.

bride's bouquet has tribute to deceased grandfather

Thoughtful Tributes in Your Celebration

First off, setting up a memory table with photos and mementos of your absent loved ones is a beautiful gesture. This not only pays homage to them but also integrates their spirit into your celebration. Moreover, incorporating items that were dear to them, like a favorite book or a vintage camera, can add a personal touch to your decor.

Personal Touches for Memory Tributes in Photography

Secondly, in your wedding photos, there are several touching ways to include absent family members. For example, we can artfully position photographs of your loved ones in your group shots or bridal portraits. This ensures they are visually part of your wedding memories.

Additionally, carrying a cherished item that belonged to them, like a piece of jewelry or a handkerchief, can be a subtle yet powerful way to include them in your photos. This gesture not only honors their memory but also keeps them close to you throughout the day.

bride included tribute to grandmother by carrying brooch and jewelry

Video Tributes and Live Streams

Nowadays, technology offers us creative solutions to bridge distances. Recording video tributes from friends and family who couldn’t make it is a heartfelt way to include their words. These can be shared during the reception, allowing their warm wishes to be part of your day.

Similarly, live streaming your wedding ceremony ensures that no one misses out on your special moment, no matter where they are. As wedding videographers, we can help set up a live stream. Making it possible for everyone to be part of your celebration, in spirit if not in person!

Final Thoughts for Including Absent Loved Ones

Remember, including absent family members in your wedding is a personal and meaningful gesture that adds depth to your celebration. As your Virginia wedding videographer and photography team, we are here to support you in making these tributes a seamless part of your day.

Your wedding day is a reflection of your love story, which includes the influence of all the significant people in your lives. By incorporating these thoughtful tributes, you ensure that every loved one, present or not, is part of your joyous occasion. If you’re looking for a Virginia wedding photographer and videographer to capture it all, inquire today!

memory table tribute to bride's father at Estate at River Run Wedding



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