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Historic Polegreen Spring Engagement Photography

Steven and Madison’s March Engagement Photography Session at Historic Polegreen in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

Brr, it’s cold outside, but let me tell you, love warms everything up, especially for a Historic Polegreen Spring Engagement Photography session in Mechanicsville. We had the absolute pleasure of capturing Madison and Steven’s engagement session here. Honestly, their smiles? They could melt snow! As a Richmond wedding photographer duo, we’re always on the hunt for spots that look stunning year-round, and let me spill the beans – Polegreen Church with its evergreens and gorgeous architecture is a winter wonderland dream.

Why We’re Obsessed with Historic Polegreen Photography

Okay, first things first, Polegreen Church is something out of a fairy tale. Its structure against the winter skies? Chef’s kiss! This place doesn’t just sit pretty in the snow; it commands attention with its historical vibe and those evergreens that stay party-ready all year long. For us, it’s a bit of a walk down memory lane too – we got hitched here! So, snapping pics of Madison and Steven felt extra special, like revisiting our own “I do” moments.

Meet Madison and Steven: The Dream Team

Madison and Steven are those people you meet and instantly want to be besties with. They also rocked their engagement session at Historic Polegreen like absolute pros, making our job a piece of cake. It’s moments like these that remind us why we love what we do as a Virginia wedding photo and video team. Likewise, with their wedding planned at Kingsmill Resort, we’re already counting down the days – it’s going to be epic!

Why A Winter Historic Polegreen Engagement Session is a Winner

There’s something magical about winter at Historic Polegreen. While the evergreens stand out like emerald jewels, the landscape never looks dull. The church itself? Surely a timeless backdrop that screams romance. Capturing Madison and Steven’s love story against this setting was a highlight for us. It’s sessions like these that make being Richmond engagement photographers the best job ever.

Choosing the perfect spot for your engagement photos sets the scene for your love story. Historic Polegreen Church, with its natural beauty and historical charm, is a standout, especially when the snow starts to fall. Sharing in Madison and Steven’s journey and revisiting this special place reminded us of the power of love and the magic of the perfect setting. If you’re mapping out your engagement session, give Polegreen a thought – a Historic Polegreen Spring Engagement Photography session will surely promise memories you’ll cherish forever.

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