Why Every Couple Should Hire a Day-of Coordinator


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Welcome back to another exciting blog full of info you didn’t know you needed! Today we are SO excited to talk about one of the most important vendors in your wedding crew- the day of coordinator. Think of them as the director of the show. The maître d. The head honcho. The little person that sits on your shoulder in every 2000’s cartoon.

We know, we know. You’re a DIY bride. Your sister is managing everything. You’ve got your fiance’s college roommate’s girlfriend on vendor duty. You don’t want to think about ANOTHER wedding expense. We get it! But let us be the first to tell you that having this secret ninja vendor on your side is going to be the biggest lifesaver in the world.

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  1. Day of Coordinator is an Understatement

So the term you’re probably most used to hearing is “day of coordinator”. But in actuality, if you’ve got a good DOC, their job is more likely going to start way before then. Once you’ve booked your DOC, they go straight to work talking to all the vendors on your team, saying hey, coordinating start times, logistics, and finalizing any loose ends. This is done usually starting a month before your wedding! After getting all of this fine information together, they take it all and craft up the juiciest, most organized timeline of your life. That way every single vendor knows where they need to go, when they need to be there, and everyone is in the right place at the right time.

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  1. They are Secretly our Best Friends

You’ve heard it from us a million times, we pride ourselves in being your pocket-sized wedding planners! But these guys are the real deal. During your big day, our job is to grab the sweetest, most bomb photos possible. And the day of coordinator makes this as easy as possible! They are there to make sure you are where you need to be, that everyone is in the right place, we are staying on schedule, and most importantly, that we get the shots we need without you having to think twice.

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  1. Your Genie in a Bottle

Okay, so maybe they can’t pull things out of thin air, but it definitely feels like it! These folks are prepared for ANYTHING. They’ve done this time and time again, and have probably saved more disasters than their couples would ever know. Every nightmare you’ve ever had about your wedding? (You know, the cake not showing up, your dress ripping in half and exposing half your guests, or your groom wearing khaki shorts because he forgot his pants, etc) They are prepped to fix it. And probably already have. They are little lifesavers! Plus, they’re here to help your guests get to where they need to go as well. (Having trouble with your guest list? Check out our post here!)


All in all, the day of coordinator is everything you didn’t know you needed. They have saved so many disasters at weddings we’ve worked, and the day goes by so much smoother when you have your big day in the hands of a professional. Feel free to reach out to us and we can send you some of our top recommendations!!


That’s all for today folks- make sure to see what’s happening with us over on our IG and on FB! We’ve got all kinds of great tips, dad jokes, and goofy cat videos. You won’t wanna miss it!


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