Why You Need a Wedding Videographer


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Welcome back to the blog!! We’re glad you could make it. We’re Ashley and Camden- your friendly neighborhood wedding photographers and pocket sized wedding planners. Today we wanted to talk about why you DEFINITELY should have a wedding videographer! And we’re not just saying that to make you spend more money that you don’t need to. It will seriously be the best investment of your wedding day- we’ll show you!

1. Bring Your Wedding Memories to Life

So of course, your wedding photos are treasures you’ll keep and look at for years to come and pass down throughout your family. HOWEVER- they don’t tell the whole story!! You don’t get to see the way the wind blew through your hair, the little glances your spouse gave to you when you weren’t looking, the laughter during the reception. All of that is missing in pictures, and eventually those little things fade away from your memory. It’s so important to preserve them and have a way for you to look at it down the road!


2. Have the Option for Friends and Family to View

Having at least a ceremony video isn’t only good for just you and your immediate family to remember things, but it’s great for any family members or friends who couldn’t attend. Having this footage available is so special and gives those close to you a chance to feel included even when they couldn’t physically be there. It’s a big day- and they want to celebrate with you! This small gesture really makes a big impact and makes these special people feel included.


3. Remember the Little Moments

No matter how hard you try, you’re naturally going to forget parts of your wedding day. It just goes by SO fast- and you can’t possibly catch everything yourself! We recently watched our own video and my goodness, it was a real tear jerker. We completely forgot about little things that happened, parts of our vows, all the details, the looks on our families’ faces- we were pretty much just a giant puddle. And we want you to have that moment too! There’s just so much that happens on your wedding day, and without having a video- you’re unfortunately going to forget some of these moments. The part of your wedding day that is most important is what you two promised to each other for the rest of your lives, and a video gives you that important piece forever.


Convinced you need a video? We offer video services and would LOVE to capture your big day! Shoot us an email here and let’s talk!

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