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We’re back, we’re pumped, and we’ve got some pretty rad info to send your way. Today is all about the day before the “I Do’s”- the rehearsal. Typically the rehearsal day can feel a bit like just something you need to check off your list before the real fun begins, but surprisingly some of the most fun memories can actually happen the day before! Adding rehearsal coverage may seem unnecessary, but we feel that it can really help in capturing some of the most exciting moments leading up to your big day.

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  1. Rehearsal Coverage Shows Genuine Excitement

There’s nothing more exciting than going to your venue the day before your wedding and practicing for your ceremony. It’s the first time you really start visualizing the day in person! Every couple is full of the sweetest little pre wedding jitters while they practice. Not to mention your friends and family! They are just as excited as you are. It’s always so sweet to see parents and friends start to get a little teary eyed as they watch you rehearse. These emotions are so important and all part of the process!

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  1. It’s Much More Relaxed, So the Candids are Extra Fun!

That’s right, you’re live on candid camera! When there’s not as much pressure, the real smiles and fun shine through. Getting to see couples laugh and smile with their friends and family is so so sweet. People are a little more goofy, everyone is pumped with adrenaline, and the mood is generally pretty lighthearted. It’s also the first time some of your bridal party or family members may meet each other, and it can be really fun to get those moments on camera.

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  1. The DINNER.

The rehearsal dinner is one of our favorite events to cover! That may sound weird, but it’s true. There’s usually lots of stories being told, spirits being consumed, and laughs all around. It’s always so fun to hear how the couple came to be, when they first told their friends or family about the other, their genuine first impressions, and all the cute sappy things in between. There’s just so much joy and love in the air, and some of the sweetest moments come out. Plus- for some couples, the rehearsal dinner can even be a little more elaborate than the reception. You may even choose to incorporate your epic groom’s cake here! (What the heck is a groom’s cake? We’ve got all the answers here) All of these memories are so important, and we wanna be there to share it all with you!


No matter what your plans are for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, getting those moments on camera will be so worth it to look at down the road! It’s all part of the experience and having the opportunity to look back and see everyone’s smiling faces is so worth it. Definitely keep in mind this little bit of coverage when building out your photography package!


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