Why Booking Wedding Photo & Video With The Same Company is Essential


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Tired of talking to so many photographers and videographers but feeling a disconnect? Imagine if you got on the phone with a couple just like you, who knew your pain points and how to make BOTH your wedding photo AND video dreams a reality rather than having to scramble around finding a separate photographer and videographer.


The better way? BUNDLE PACKAGES!

With a company who offers both photo AND video:

  • Say goodbye to spending so much time stressing out about finding two separate companies who are both free on your date
  • Know confidently that your photos and videos will be consistent with each other, both in style and quality
  • Stop worrying about if your photographer and videographer will work well together and be able to coordinate on the day-of
  • Start building the wedding of your dreams


Whether you’ve talked to a million photographers and videographers already, or we’re the
first you’ve put some research into, we can CONFIDENTLY tell you–


Why booking a bundle package is best by far:

  • We have everything down to a science, from the planning process to the delivery of your final products
  • We already know how to pose you and direct your wedding crew accordingly so we both get the best shots that we need
  • We don’t trip over each other on your wedding day trying to compete for the best shots, and know how to work around each other seamlessly
  • We aren’t in the background of each other’s shots since we have a routine in place, and our equipment (lighting stands, etc) is already perfectly placed so it doesn’t interfere with either of our shots
  • Oh, and we’ll dance REALLY badly together with you on your dance floor. That’s kinda the best part.


If that sounds right up your alley and already quiets some of your fears, it’s time! Our books are already
just about full for this year and filling up fast for next year. All you have to do is inquire, and we’ll take
care of you the rest of the process!



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