What to do if you have to Postpone Your Wedding due to Coronavirus


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Hey there, it’s Ashley and Camden again, your favorite Richmond wedding photographers and social distancing wedding experts. Today’s topic can be a little bit sad, but we’re going to give you some practical tips on what to do if you need to postpone your wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Before we get any further, we recommend that you follow CDC regulations and guidelines put in place by local and national governments, and to make decisions that are in the interest of everyone’s health and wellbeing!
First, we’re so sorry you are having to make these decisions about postponing your wedding! We just got married a short time ago, and we know how much you are looking forward to this big day! We know you are feeling a lot of things right now, so take a moment to pause and breathe, looking forward to a life with your fiancé/e.
Our first tip is just that: feel your feelings! Making the decision to postpone your wedding due to coronavirus can be incredibly emotional, and it’s important that you acknowledge and allow those feelings to come up. Support your fiancé/e and ask for emotional support from friends and family! Remember, in the end it is about a life together with your partner, not just about the wedding day!
Second, consider postponing the wedding celebrations rather than cancelling them. Many couples are choosing to have a small ceremony, and keep their large reception and party plans for later. This is a great idea to have the celebration you want, but still marry your love! Your vendors will most likely be happy to reschedule for another year, and your guests will be happy to still be able to celebrate with you!If postponing is not an option, consider going for a pared-down elopement ceremony, or (if your state allows and you feel it is appropriate) a socially distanced wedding with family and some friends.
Once you have thought about these things, follow a simple checklist to postpone your wedding from the pandemic:
  • Review vendor contracts: see what the contract says and what your deposit means.
  • Reach out to vendors and ask questions: when can we reschedule? What services can you offer? How will you rebook?
  • Pick a new date: work with vendors to find a new date!
  • Notify the guests: we suggest mailing and personally contacting guests! This way, no one shows up for an event that has been postponed.

We hope these tips help ease some of the burden of rescheduling your wedding. As always, we’re here for you! Thanks for keeping up with us! Make sure to follow us on Insta and FB to see some of the ways our couples have celebrated! Or feel free to send us an email here – and let’s chat all things weddings!!!

Until the next time,

Ashley and Camden


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