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GENTLEMEN!! It’s your turn!!! Ashley and Camden here- and we are stoked to give you guys the official Inman groom guide – What to Bring on Your Wedding Day. In this blog, you will find ALL the things you need to bring with you on your wedding day!! We know it can be super overwhelming, and we want to help. Sound too good to be true? Never fear – we’re here to make your packing a breeze. Check it out!


The first thing to touch on- your basics.

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1. Tux or Suit

  1. Shoes
  2. Socks
  3. Under Garments
  4. Your Ring or Your Spouse’s Ring
  5. Belt
  6. Your tie or bow tie
  7. Deodorant


We think it’s safe to say that these are all pretty essential. If you’re renting your tux or suit, all of the pieces should be in that handy dandy garment bag. But definitely double check before running out the door! If you’re planning on using your own items, write out a list of all the parts you need so that you don’t miss anything. Don’t forget your neckwear! (And if you’re lost on how to wear it- check out our blog here for some help) Of course- please remember to bring your ring or your spouse’s if you’re holding on to it for them.

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  1. Cologne
  2. Vow Books
  3. Mouthwash
  4. Special cufflinks or accessories
  5. Suspenders
  6. Hair Gel or Product
  7. Comb


These items are all great to have on hand while you get ready! Your wedding day is a big deal, splurge on some big boy cologne that you’ll have for years to come. Another great item to bring along is some mouthwash. You want that first kiss as a married couple to be minty fresh! Lastly, if you are planning on using any special accessories like suspenders, family cufflinks, an heirloom watch, etc- throw that on your list so you don’t forget.

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Next Level:

  1. Gift or Note for Spouse
  2. Gift for Parents
  3. Special Momentos
  4. Groomsmen Gifts
  5. Tide Marker
  6. Fun snacks or beers


Last but certainly not least- your next level list. All of these are pretty optional- but if you plan on using any of them be sure to bring them. Talk to your fiancé ahead of time to find out if you are going to exchange notes or gifts so you both are on the same page! If you want to photograph any special momentos or heirlooms, bring those along as well. A pro tip- add a Tide Marker to your packing list. Any of those breakfast or lunch stains on your outfit could ruin all the pictures, so be prepared for emergencies.


This guide is fully customizable, so feel free to add or take off whatever you don’t need! Each item here is just a suggestion but take the time to make your own list based on your individual needs. Future married self will thank you. I hope you found our “What to Bring on Your Wedding Day” guide super helpful and while you’re at it- check out our girls’ guide as well!


As always, thanks for checking out what we have to say! See what we’re up to over on IG and FB– and let us know if these tips were helpful!


Until next time,

Ashley and Camden



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