What on Earth is a Groom’s Cake?!


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What’s up everybody? We’re Ashley and Camden- your official hype photographers and pocket sized wedding planners. Every week we try to answer your burning questions about the wonders of the orient—- I MEAN weddings!!

Today’s topic: The Groom’s Cake. You’ve probably heard the term lingering around the wedding world, but what is it? Do you need one? Do you want one? IS IT TOO MUCH CAKE??

*All cakes seen here are the product of Sweet Fix– an amazing local bakery!! Make sure to check them out if you’re interested in any kind of specialty cake. Not our images.


Richmond Groom Wedding Cake Photography

Don’t worry- we’re here to help. Plus- who doesn’t want to talk about cake? I know we do. Let’s get started!

In simple terms- a groom’s cake is a cake for, you guessed it- the groom! It’s served alongside the normal wedding cake, and typically is composed of a richer flavor like chocolate or red velvet. When it was first starting out, the reason for this cake was to give the groom something that was his own during the wedding day. It used to be that the bride made all of the decisions for the day- so the groom’s cake was almost like an homage to him. However, in modern times, many grooms are an equal partner in the wedding planning! Overall, a groom’s cake is entirely your call as to whether it should be included or not.

Richmond Groom's Cake Photography

“Okay- so I think it would be fun to have a groom’s cake at my wedding. But when do I serve it? What should it look like? HELP!!”

We hear ya! These are all GREAT questions. For starters- you can serve the groom’s cake at the reception as a secondary wedding cake flavor. Or perhaps you have a huge multi-flavored cake already! Totally cool. We’re jealous. In this case, try serving it at the rehearsal dinner or as a treat for the groomsmen as they get ready in the morning. Or have it at the bachelor party!

Richmond VA Groom Cake Photography

As far as flavors and what it should look like- that’s completely up to you friend! What is your groom’s favorite flavor of cake? If it’s already in the wedding cake- find another flavor that’s fun that you want to incorporate. The groom’s cake does not have to match the wedding theme at all! That’s part of the fun of having one. Use it to either be a true reflection of your groom’s likes and interests- or maybe even have it be a fun homage to something the two of you enjoy together.

If you’re big music people- have your favorite band or make it look like a record player. Maybe you’re big Office fans? Or nature people! Whatever your jam is, you can use this cake to add a little personal touch that has nothing to do with your wedding theme at all. It’s just supposed to be fun! No matter what you choose- just make sure to save us a slice okay?

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