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Hey there all you cool cats and kittens-


Ashley and Camden here!! How’s everyone doing this week? We are back and ready to talk all about this week’s topic- fun things to do the morning of your wedding (girl’s edition!) Your wedding day is of course such a special day, so why not have some fun the morning of with your girls? We’ve put together a few fun ideas to help make your wedding morning just as memorable as your wedding day. Let’s dive in!

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  1. Blast Your Favorite Tunes!


Get your favorite hype music going and have a little mini dance party to wake everyone up! Keep this playlist going the whole time you get ready and sing along while you get all dolled up. You and your girls will have so much fun jamming out to your favorite music.


  1. Do Some Face Masks


We all know you’ve been eyeing that face mask section at Target. Why not divulge? Go grab a handful of some super calming face masks to get yourselves all pampered up in the morning! Make sure to get one that is very calm and has no harsh ingredients. Now is not the time to try something crazy.

Getting Ready Wedding Photography

  1. Pop Some Bubbly


Grab a bottle of your favorite bubbly and make yourselves some mimosas! Have a variety of fun toppings and juices to get everyone in the mood. Make sure to limit to only one or two so that no one is feeling crummy by the ceremony and stay hydrated with lots of water in between!


  1. Hire a Masseuse!


This may seem really extra, but it is so worth it. Many massage places have an option to have someone come out on call- bring out a masseuse for quick 10 minute massages to get all of your girls feeling nice and relaxed before the big day. Such a nice way to get a little extra pampering into your day!

Getting Ready Wedding Photography

  1. Make a Tik Tok


I know I know, Tik Tok can seem really overrated and just for tweens. But there are some super fun challenges out there that will be super fun to look back on down the road! There’s a Cinderella inspired challenge, “Flip the Switch”, and “Beauty Mode”- or just make your own up! If you’re not a big Tik Tok fan yet, some silly boomerangs for Instagram will be a fun way to start documenting parts of your day.

No matter what you decide to do- just make sure you enjoy some quality time with your girls and soak in the day for all it has to offer. Now go get yourself married!! (and check out our blog here on what NOT to do the night before!)

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Until next time,

Ashley and Camden



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