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Thanks for popping by! We’re Ashley and Camden- your friendly neighborhood wedding photographers and pocket-sized wedding planners. Every week we pick a topic out of a giant hat (jk) and talk about some of the hottest topics in the wedding world! Last time we talked about some fun things to do the morning of your wedding for the ladies (check it out here!), and this week we are going over the men’s edition. Let’s get started!

Groom Getting Ready Wedding Photography

  1. Crack Open Some Beers


IN MODERATION!!!! But why not grab a pack of your favorite craft beers and kick back with the guys? The men don’t need nearly as much time as the girls do to get ready- so soak that in with some quality time with the important people in your life. Sit back, share some stories, or just watch some TV with a cold beer and enjoy the calm!


  1. Video Games


Depending on where you are getting ready- bring some of your favorite consoles along and play a few video games with your bros! Get that adrenaline pumping and have some fun before getting all dressed up. Just make sure you are ready in time for pictures! (We recommend setting an alarm just to be safe.)

Groom Getting Ready Wedding Photography

  1. Grab a Fun Breakfast!


Whether your favorite place is Taco Bell or Chick-fil-A, go out and get some fun fast food with your guys! Just make sure not to overeat so that you have enough energy for the day, and you don’t feel gross later on.


  1. Board Games/Card Games


Keep spirits high with some poker or a board game. If you’re getting ready in a hotel, many hotels actually have decks of cards you can get for free or purchase. Stop by a Target or Walmart the night before if you don’t have many board games and find something fun that you’ve never played before. It could even become a tradition!

Groom Getting Ready Wedding Photography

5. Watch Some YouTube Videos


This may sound kind of silly but watching some random Youtube videos with your guys can end up being a lot of fun! Have everyone show their favorites and share a few laughs. It can end up being a great way to ease your mind of any nerves you may be having, and overall just a lighthearted way to spend the morning.


No matter how you decide to spend your wedding morning, just make sure to keep it lighthearted, relaxed, and low key. You’re gonna want to have energy during the day- but soak in the time you get in the morning with your guys! How often do you get all of these people in the same room to enjoy quality time?

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