The Gentleman’s Guide to Neckwear


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Ashley and Camden here. We are stoked to talk to you today about an essential part of the groom and groomsmen attire – neck wear. We know, it can be the bane of your existence. There’s a million ways to tie a tie and it can seem intimidating- especially if you didn’t happen to luck out with one of those pre-tied beauties in your rental. But don’t worry!! We’re here to ease the pain. Check out our handy guide “The Gentleman’s Guide to Neckwear” for the simplest ways to tie your tie or bow tie.

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Neckwear

Necktie Instructions (Full-Windsor Knot):

  1. Put your collar up and put your tie around your neck with the Front end (wide end) extended longer than the back end of the tie. To start, use the diagonal seam closer to the back end of the tie to line up the proper length.
  2. Cross the two ends by putting the front end in front of the back end, using the seam to align the front end. Make sure to take your hand (preferably the non dominant hand) and pinch the cross section together and do not release it until the end of step 3.
  3. Use your other hand and take the front end behind the thumb holding the cross section and put the front end on the opposite side. Then put the front end down the “V” shape. Once it is through, release your thumb holding the cross section and tighten to make the knot.

Note: Successfully doing this step results in the front end being reversed and behind the back end toe.

  1. Take the front end and fold it over the top of the knot horizontally. Effectively creating the cover for the knot.
  2. Fold the front end into the V so that it pops out.
  3. Push the Front end under “the cover” for the knot and tighten.
  4. Tug the V around your neck to tighten and shape this tie.
  5. Pull the back end to bring the Knot up to your neck. You may need to adjust if it was too long or too short. To do so, simply undo the knot and repeat adjusting as necessary (do not align with the diagonal seam). If it was too long, give more slack on the short end. If it was too short, give more slack on the front end.

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Bow tie Instructions:

Bow ties are definitely harder to learn than the necktie. We highly suggest using a mirror for learning as tying a bow tie has a lot of visual cues that will help when you get tangled up:

  1. Make sure to adjust the bow tie to your neck size.
  2. Put your collar up and put your tie around your neck with one side extending slightly longer than the other. We suggest extending the side that coincides with your dominant hand.
  3. Cross both ends by putting the extended end over the short end.
  4. Fold the extended end under and over the side of the V, it should still be on the same side as it was at the beginning of this step. Pull both ends so that it is snug around your neck (make sure it is not too loose, but loose enough so you can still say “I do”).
  5. Pinch the “twist” and mimic a bow tie shape by taking the middle of the oval and folding it, then place the mimicked bow tie shape over the “twist”. Re-pinch so that you are pinching both the bow tie shape and twist.
  6. Take the long end fold over the mimic bow tie down then middle. Then take the hand on the side of the double flop of the mock bow tie and slide your thumb under the two-flop side to the center of the bow tie, creating a small hole.
  7. Take the long end and make the same mock bow tie. Slide it down the small hole so that each side has three flops and tighten.


We hope our Gentleman’s Guide to Neckwear helps a bit in your quest to have a stylish neck!

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Until next time,

Ashley and Camden


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