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Well, here it is. The big news.

It starts with a story. A story about a little 6 year old girl who would save her quarters to buy new batteries for the little pink plastic camera she got for Christmas, and then save her money for a few months to get a real live digital point and shoot, and then save for what seemed like FOREVER to get her very first DSLR. She started taking pictures of her sister, just for fun, and then a few friends join in. Then someone offers to give her a few dollars if she’ll take some pictures of them- what??? Money can be made off of this thing that she loved to do? The experience only grew and grew, alongside her love for being behind the camera. 
That little girl photographed 40 portrait sessions and 8 weddings this past year. I am so incredibly thankful for what my business has become- and just like that little 6 year old, it has grown tremendously.
After the Justin and Mary Event I attended last week, I knew that something was missing. Something was missing in my website, and my logo, and in my interactions with clients. And when Jen Olmstead got on the stage and gave her talk about branding, I knew that the thing missing in my business was ME. I want my personality and story to be apart of my business! I want to create long lasting friendships with my clients- I don’t want to show up and shoot the wedding and then never have contact again. I want to connect personally with each and every person I come in contact with through Ashley Crutcher Photography.
So what’s the news?? I’m rebranding!!!!!! Partnering with the AMAZING Magnolia Creative Studio, we are going to be recreating the face of Ashley Crutcher Photography to represent who I am and what messages I want to send through my business. I’m so excited to start this incredible journey!
If you would like to follow along, please go follow @ashleycrutcherphoto on Instagram and like my Facebook page at!!

To celebrate, I’m going to be HOSTING A GIVEAWAY!!!! Enter below to win a $15 gift card to Starbucks as well as a FREE 30 minute session (for locals)!!!

I am so, so, so incredibly excited to begin! Thank you for all your love and support.

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  1. I so wish we lived closer! I would love to take advantage of that shoot! Happy for you. 🙂

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