Ten Things to Think About When Looking for a Wedding Venue


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Hey there! Ashley and Camden here, your Richmond wedding photographers and pocket-sized wedding planners! Today we’re helping with tips on how to choose a venue for your wedding! What should you consider when looking at venues?

Here are ten things to think about when you’re asking venues about their wedding packages!

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Talk to a planner

Ask a wedding planner if they have worked with the venue. What was their experience? How will the logistics of the venue’s space, pricing, and access work with what you envision for your wedding? These are important questions that a planner can help you consider from their years of experience helping couples plan their weddings!

Consider what is included

Are there additional fees for things you will need? What does the venue offer as a base package? Are there spaces to get ready? What does the reception and ceremony space look like? Is there a coordinator on staff? Who will the main contact be? Will that person be there on the day of the wedding?

Know your guest list

Will guests have places to stay nearby? How will access work for older or disabled guests? Will the venue be climatized to a comfortable temperature if your wedding is in the summer?

Stay true to your vision

Does the style of the venue reflect what you want your wedding to look like?

Remember your budget

Ask what the package includes. Is there any wiggle room? What will you have to pay?

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How will the timeline of your day fit with the venue’s space?


Are they available on your target date? What’s the rain plan? How long will you have access to the venue on the day of the wedding?


How many guests can attend? What spaces are available? How do they seat guests?


What are the accommodations for disabled or elderly guests? What will the room set up look like? Where will guests sit and where will the dance floor be?


Are there any rules, like noise policies or rules against certain types of décor? How long will you be able to use the space(s)? Will there be other events taking place at the same time as my wedding?


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We hope these tips help you find the perfect wedding venue for you! As always, Ashley and Camden here, and thanks for keeping up with us! Make sure to follow us on Insta and FB to see some of the venues our couples have celebrated in! Or feel free to send us an email here – and let’s chat all things weddings!!!


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