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Welcome back you beautiful people!!


It’s Ashley and Camden!! We hope you are having a wonderful week so far! Today’s topic is one that is dreaded by most- the guest list. It’s never fun having to get this list together, but once it’s done, you’re gonna feel SOOO good! We promise. These are your party people, let’s get that group POPPING!


  1. Decide Your Vibe


Are you thinking of an intimate affair with a low-key feel? Or do you want a full on RAGER with tons of dancing? Or some happy medium? Take into account the type of overall vibe you want before making a decision on your guest count! Intimate weddings do best with under 75 people, where if you want a large event you can go as big as your venue will handle!

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  1. Use Your Budget to Guide You

Take into account your budget and that vibe to move further. Do you want to have a formal, plated dinner setting with a full bar? Or are you happy with local buffet catering and a beer and wine bar only? Each guest will count as a “head” and knowing your priorities when it comes to the food experience will also be a huge help! If you have a larger budget, feel free to invite more people! But if you are more limited, you may want to take into account whether you want to go bigger on the experience or have more people in attendance.

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  1. Filter that Guest Count into Categories

Now that you have your ideal guest count down, it’s time to start adding people to the list. Our rule of thumb? Make a spreadsheet or list with exactly the number of slots you’d like. Let’s say 50 for an example. Then put a name to each number of the top 50 people you HAVE to have there! The ones you can’t imagine spending your special day with. Don’t forget to include yourselves and your bridal party! Next, make a “B List”. These are the people you would like to have there, but if they can’t make it, you’ll be okay. This can include co-workers, family friends, distant relatives, etc.

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  1. Narrowing it Down

Okay, hopefully you have an A List that makes you happy and a B List full of people you’d still love to have come! If you’re having a hard time narrowing down your A List people, keep the following in mind: when you look back at the photos from your wedding 10 years from now, will you be heartbroken if this person wasn’t there? That may seem harsh- we don’t mean it to be! But whether it’s budget constraints or venue restrictions- you can only have so many people in attendance, and you want them to be the most important people in your life.


We hope this is helpful for you! This part of wedding planning can be tricky, but with these little tricks to keep in mind- you’re well on your way to making the most baller guest list possible.


As always, thanks for checking out what we have to say! See what we’re up to over on IG and FB– and let us know if these tips were helpful!


Until next time,

Ashley and Camden




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