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What’s up party people?

Ashley and Camden here! We are SO excited to be back with another blog full of information you never knew you needed. Today’s topic- booze! And more importantly- how much of it you really need. Depending on your venue, you may be responsible for providing your own alcohol for the reception, and chances are- you probably don’t know how much alcohol a large group of people actually consumes. SO! We’re here to help. We’ve got three handy dandy examples to help guide you through this process. Let’s get started!

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For the Champagne Toast


Most weddings like to include a champagne toast in their reception- it’s a fun way to celebrate the new couple and to get everyone feeling a little bubbly! Whether you decide to stick to only a champagne toast or to have more spirits available- it’s important to know how many glasses a bottle can provide. For one glass of champagne per guest- you’ll need 1 bottle per 6-8 guests (depending on how generous of a pour you want to give).

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For a Beer/Wine Package:


Whether you want to save a bit of money on the alcohol department, or you prefer to keep the drunk shenanigans to a minimum, having a beer/wine only package could be a great fit! Keep in mind the amount of people who are attending that are over the age of 21 (if you are having a good number of minors join in on the festivities, this could help cut costs even more!). If you’re providing beer by the bottle, this count is much easier. Most couples like to use the one drink per hour per guest rule, so the most important thing here is knowing how many hours your reception is and then your guest count. A standard bottle of wine has 6 glasses worth, and then for beer you’re either looking at bottles or a keg- which, if you have a standard half barrel, will fill 165 12 oz glasses.

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For Full Bar Options:


If you’re looking to have the full bar selection- this one’s for you. First, think about the kinds of liquor your guests typically like to drink. Stock up on the more popular options with a smaller selection of the lesser drinks. Rule of thumb typically is 50% wine, 30% liquor, and 20% beer. So to break that down- say you have 100 guests coming to your reception. The reception is 3 hours long. You’ll need 300 drinks. 150 servings of wine, 90 servings of liquor, and 60 servings of beer is a safe ratio. This can all vary though based on your crowd! A standard 1 L bottle of liquor will make about 30 drinks. Don’t forget to bring in your favorite mixers and garnishes too!


We hope this little guide helps you in deciding how much alcohol you’ll need for your reception! Remember, this is just a rough guide. Feel free to switch it up based on your guests and preferences. And of course, buy bulk to save! Costco has GREAT prices on wine and spirits and is perfect for bigger gatherings.

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