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Patrick and Lauren met in their LifeGroup at church in December of 2010, and the second week that she was there, he asked her out to the Christmas service at Furman University. “We went on a few dates, but stayed just friends until we started to hang out (just the two of us), in January of 2012. Then, “just the two of us” became official on March 25th, 2012. Been inseparable ever since!”

Their relationship was always aimed at marriage, but when he took her to their family reunion this past summer (also where I met Lauren for the first time), it was “ok, this is getting super serious!” He proposed to her on December 21st, 2014 at Chimney Rock State Park in North Carolina, “and we couldn’t be happier :)”.

When Patrick, my second-cousin-once-removed, emailed me with their first inquiry about shooting their wedding, I was pretty excited at the possibility! But unfortunately, the plans fell through and it wasn’t going to work out. However, a few weeks later, Patrick emailed me again asking if I’d booked their date yet… and I hadn’t! When the “let’s consider this decided” email arrived, I was totally psyched.

I flew down to South Carolina for their engagements this past weekend (and Lauren’s bridal session, but you won’t be seeing much or any of that for the next few months ;). I got to fly alone for the first time, explore, drink gallons upon gallons of sweet tea, and shoot these awesome people! The Furman University campus was absolutely beautiful in the springtime (although it was a little warmer than this PA girl is used to in May!!) I can’t wait for their beautiful SC wedding in July. Love you guys!!!

We recreated a picture of Patrick’s parents from the 70s at the same location on the Furman campus! The only thing missing was the tree that had been cut down…

Not even sorry for the overload of dock pictures. 🙂


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