Jordan and Chelsea | A Summer York Wedding


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Jordan and Chelsea’s wedding was, to say the least, totally AWESOME!!! From the tasteful decorations to the perfect dress to the shiny rings to the GORGEOUS couple, I couldn’t have been more happy to say that this one is going down in the books as one of my favorite weddings so far!

Jordan and Chelsea’s love for each other is so sweet. The fact that they are perfect for each other is evident from the way that they teared up together, to the way that they (according to one of the bridesmaids) quote Spongebob to each other non-stop. 🙂

Jordan and Chelsea, thank you so much for letting me participate in your day. I mean this from the heart, you are the sweetest, most enjoyable, hilarious couple I’ve shot! Thanks for making my job as easy as it possibly can be! Thanks for sneaking out of the reception and risking getting in trouble to get sunset shots. 😉 Your wedding was an absolute dream! 
Enough talking. Enjoy 🙂



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