John + Paige | A Downtown Vintage Ashland, VA Engagement Session


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Towards the beginning of their session, Paige mentioned that the train goes by sometimes and we could try to do a photo in front of it! I immediately had a vision that I knew NEEDED TO HAPPEN, so we waited till it came and tried it out— but the train was moving way too slow for intense enough motion blur! We were bummed but kept shooting and got some quaaaaaality stuff. And then- lo and behold- as we were walking back to our cars together, there was another train!! So you better believe I yelled “GET IN POSITION!” and John and Paige sprinted towards the track, threw on the first pose they could think of, and BAM! The money shottttttttt. We make sure to train our couples super well in posing so when urgent spontaneous moments like this happen, they can pull one out of their back pocket without us having to re-explain and waste time!!! Sometimes you just have to wait for that perfect moment- and it’s super important that whatever photographer you hire is ALWAYS READY! 🙂


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