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They met in the fall of 2013, when both of them began attending the same church. After getting to know each other on a young adult retreat, he asked her out on an official date- dinner and a movie. The Lego Movie, to be precise. They went to dinner first, and sitting awkwardly across from each other, he asked her if they could make it official: date with the intention to see if they should marry.

Even before they were dating, people asked them if they were siblings. It got annoying after a while, but she does still think it’s funny. And once they’re married and have the same last name, she’s sure that’ll get worse!
It was that same retreat, a year later. Spring 2015. One of the days, they went for a walk. Ian kept commenting that there was something in his shoe. He bent down to fix it- when he stood up, he held out his hand and said, “I found this.” On his hand was a beautiful engagement ring. He asked her to marry him, and of course, she said YES!
“It’s been quite a year! The ways God has blessed my life, and Ian’s life are immeasurable. And despite all the stresses of planning a wedding in five months, I get to marry my best friend–and that makes it all worth it.” 

Ian and Julia were a JOY to photograph! Their giggles, tickle fights, and sweet conversations totally show their love for each other. 😉 The F&M campus was also beautiful to photograph on! It was super fun to get to know them, and while I’m bummed that I can’t photograph their wedding since I’ll be away, I know it’ll be a great time of glorifying God through their marriage! Thank you guys for letting me shoot you. It was a blast. 🙂 


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