How to Quickly Postpone Your Wedding | Due to Coronavirus or Other Issues | COVID-19 Coronavirus Series


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DEEP BREATH FIRST obviously because let’s relax, you got options, and ALL WILL BE OKAY! 🙂

Your wedding is being postponed and you’re not even sure where to begin. I get it, and it’s totally overwhelming to replan. I PROMISE we’re about to make it so super easy to do so!


(1) Ask your venue for their availability for 2020 and 2021. Pick 3-5 dates after July that work for you. Try to pick a variety of dates and avoid Saturdays in May, September, and October. (Heaven forbid you pick 10/10/2020, the most popular wedding date of the century: DON’T. Hahahaha!) Sundays and Fridays are BEST! And you’ll have best availability with vendors for those days.

(2) Put these dates into a DOODLE POLL ( 

(3) Send out the Doodle poll to your current vendors. You can do it in one email, CC all the vendors.

Shoot them this email template:

Dear [[xyz Vendors]]

Unfortunately, we have to postpone our wedding and are looking to get it figured out with our original team. You are all our dream team and we don’t want to swap out for other vendors. To try to work this out we would love for you all to fill out the Doodle Poll [[link here]] for you to let us know what dates you are available.

We hope you’re staying safe and we cannot wait to hear from you,

[[your name]]

(4) Talk with your vendors to figure out solutions. If not all are available on the same date, try to pick a date where most from your team IS available. From there, ask who they know who could work under them on your wedding day (like an associate planner, or team videographer) or who they would recommend to transfer the contract to.

(5) Contact your guests and update them. Having a Facebook group for all of your wedding guests right now could be *really* helpful and IF NEEDED you can also provide a Facebook Live “Livestream” of the wedding itself if you have to. From here, contact your stationary folks and get your new stationery products completed with the new date and any other updated information!

So if you’re facing any coronavirus wedding impacts, I’m hoping you’re feeling a little more ease. You got this, and at the end of the day you’re getting married and you and your love are truly all that matters. Worse case, there’s always a vow renewal or ELOPEMENT! 🙂

WASH YOUR HANDS (yes, ANOTHER reminder, you’re welcome 😉


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