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What’s up ladies?!


Ashley and Camden here! We are so excited to be back in action with another awesome topic. Today we are talking about how to ACCESSORIZE!! You’ve probably already picked out your dress, but how do you decide on things like shoes, veil, jewelry, or headpieces? We (mostly me, Ashley) are here to help! (And after you’re done, send your men over to their guide here!)


Let’s get started.

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Arguably one of the most important parts of your outfit! These bad boys are quite literally supporting you all day, so you want them to not only look great, but be comfortable too. Think about where you are holding your wedding, and the time of year. Are you doing an outdoor wedding? Consider wearing block heels or investing in some Heel Stoppers so that your heel doesn’t sink into the ground while you walk through the grass. Is it a winter wedding? Feel free to spice up your look with white booties! If you’re not used to wearing heels and have your heart set on wearing them, make sure you wear them in around the house first, and bring a backup pair of flats for dancing in.

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Ahhh, the veil. While the veil is a pretty traditional element of wedding day attire for the bride, some brides forego this altogether in lieu of something like a flower crown or pretty hair clips! If you do choose to embrace the veil, find something that compliments your gown. We’re suckers for long cathedral veils since you can get those gorgeous “veil in the wind” shots with them, but fingertip veils or even birdcage veils are really fun to play with too! Try on a few styles with your dress and see what works best based on your silhouette and the look you want to go for.

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Besides the gorgeous sparkler on your hand, you’ll probably want some accent jewelry on your big day. When it comes to necklaces, think about your neckline. If you have a high neck or halter, don’t over complicate it with a necklace! If you have a sweetheart or strapless, go for something small and delicate. You don’t want any of your jewelry to take away from your dress, so if there’s a lot of beading or crystals, keep it simple and sweet. If you have a more minimal dress, you can play with more statement pieces. It’s all about balance!


However you decide to style, make sure you feel like you! Don’t feel like you need to wear big statement jewelry or heels if that’s not your thing. Express yourself how you see fit, and you’re sure to be glowing.

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