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Welcome back to another exciting blog with your FAVORITE hype peeps- Ashley and Camden! That’s right, we’re here to touch on another fun and educational wedding planning topic, and this is a juicy one. You’ve heard about them, and you pray to God not to be one. The BRIDEZILLA


cue screaming villagers


Never fear readers!! We are here to make sure you don’t go down that dark and scary road. It sure can be tempting, but just stick to these guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to being a “bride-CHILL-a”


(Too much? Sorry not sorry. Moving on…)

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  1. Your Wedding Day is About You and Your Spouse, But It’s Not ALL About You


Yes, your wedding day is meant to celebrate you and your spouse joining together in marriage. Of course you should make sure you guys are center of attention! BUT! That does not mean it’s ALL about you. Here, let us explain. For your parents, their child is getting married!! That’s a huge deal. It’s a moment they’ve also been dreaming about for years. For your siblings and friends, their sister, brother, friend is getting married to the love of their life. It’s a lot of changes for the people closest to you, and it’s important you keep that in the back of your head as your engagement and your wedding day play out. If you don’t let them know your appreciation, friends and family could feel a bit left out. Make sure to give them a hug and say thank you for their help in making your day so special!

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  1. Things WILL Go Wrong. It is NOT the End of the World


Your wedding day is a huge moment of your life! No one is denying that. HOWEVER. When hosting an event of any kind, things will not always go according to plan, and that’s okay!! It may rain, something could get lost, people may be late. That’s just life baby cakes. We can all try our best to make things go as smoothly as possible but keeping an open mind that not everything will be perfect is key to making sure you don’t lose your mind. You and your spouse are getting MARRIED!! Everything else can fall to the side. As long as you two say “I do”, we’d call that a success.

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  1. Your Friends and Family are People Too


This may seem familiar from point one, but your friends and family are people too! They have lives outside of your wedding planning. Lives and families and bills! You may want all of your bridesmaids to wear the latest $400 Jenny Yoo dress or to take a week-long trip to Vegas for your bachelorette, but it’s important to keep in mind everyone’s budgets and schedules. (Still want a killer bachelorette? Check out our guide here!) Be mindful of what you ask of your friends and family. They are here to help, but not to be your slaves! Emotions can run high, and sometimes it’s important to take a step back and see where the other side is coming from.


At the end of the day, an open minded bride is a chill bride. Keeping things in perspective helps a lot in making sure your attitude stays in check. You got this!!

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