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Welcome back folks!! How is everyone today? Ashley and Camden here- and we’ve got another exciting wedding topic to talk about today. This one is all for the girls (don’t worry guys- yours is coming!!). We wanted to talk to you guys about how to keep your energy going on your wedding day. Your wedding day is such an exciting day, that you may not realize how tired you’re getting throughout, and you don’t want your reception to be spent trying to keep your eyes open. So let’s jump right in.

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First and foremost- it’s so important that you stay hydrated!! Chances are- you’re probably waking up pretty early to make sure you have plenty of time to do your hair and makeup. Your body is naturally dehydrated when you wake up, so start the day with a tall glass of water before you start hitting the mimosas. While you get ready and throughout the day, keep drinking water when you can (and make sure you have a designated bathroom buddy to help with the unavoidable bathroom trips). Don’t forget to eat throughout the day too! This sounds obvious, but so many brides forget to eat and lose their energy so quickly. Grab a quick bite when you can!

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  1. Keep It Light and Breezy


While you’re getting ready- try to keep things calm and refreshing. Don’t stress over all the little things and enjoy time with your girls. Try to do something pampering like face masks or massages to get yourself in the right headspace! Keep your activities low key- but crank up some hype music to wake you up. Who wants to waste their wedding day energy on stress? Throughout the day, keep reminding yourself why you’re here. You get to marry the love of your life! All the other things are secondary. Keep your focus on the important stuff and don’t spend it on worrying.

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  1. Change of Shoes


Most brides tend to get some fancier shoes to wear throughout their wedding day- which is great! It’s a special day, so feel free to invest in some fancy footwear. However, if you’ve got heels, after a few hours your feet are bound to get tired- and subsequently, so will you. Have a change of comfy shoes on hand to wear after pictures are done that are good for dancing. Your feet will thank you, and you won’t have to focus as much on not tripping over your dress. Win win!!

Keeping these three tips in mind are going to make the biggest difference in how your energy is impacted throughout the day. Take breaks as needed, and soak in all the exciting things you’ve been planning. Feel free to check out our blog about what to avoid the night before here– starting the night right will also be a huge help in keeping your energy up.

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