How Long Will I Need My Wedding Photographer/Videographer Day Of?


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We’re here to help you get the most out of your coverage time! Best bang for the buck, babyyyy.

Every photographer you inquire with is going to ask the same question, “So, how much coverage are you looking for?”
And chances are, you’re scratching your head reading this and going “How on earth do I know???”
This number can vary quite a bit depending on your wedding day and what you’re planning on doing!
Here are some tips for choosing the perfect amount of coverage!




If you guys are big party people, your dance floor will be filled all night,
and you’re planning a big grand exit at the end of a late night, 10 hours of coverage is for you!

A 10 hour day will take you all the way from the getting ready stage to your grand exit! If the drinks will be flowing and the music blaring, odds are
you’re going to want us there until the very end because your guests will probably be tearing up the dance floor all night! There’s guaranteed to be some
wild moments to be captured as the night goes on, and you’ll get a ton of epic party pics. We won’t need to do a staged exit since most of your guests
will probably stay until the end, which guarantees a full crowd for your exit photos. You want it all? Treat yo-self with this full day coverage!



If your reception will be a bit shorter, more low-key, end earlier in the night, or you just
aren’t planning to do any big grand exit, 8 hours of coverage is for you!

An 8 hour day will take you from the later getting ready stages to midway through your reception (or all the way until the end depending on the
length of your wedding!) We’ll usually show up right when you’re finishing up hair and make-up, and stay until all your reception events have been
completed and the dance floor has opened up. Even if you’re wanting to do a grand exit, we can either stage it earlier in the night (then you guarantee all
your guests will still be present, as they tend to trickle out throughout the night!) or pull just your bridal party & family out to take the photo so we can
head out early. This is a great option if your party will be a bit more low-key and you think your dance floor won’t be super crazy all night long.
8 hours is still all-inclusive, but a little more chill!



If you’re having a simpler or smaller wedding/elopement, or you’re not planning
on having any dancing or getting-ready time, 6 hours of coverage is for you!


A 6 hour day can go a couple different ways – if your reception is ending earlier in the night or  you aren’t having any crazy dancing, we’d stick
around for all your important reception events and then head out. Or, if you want your reception covered, but don’t care about any getting-ready
or pre-ceremony portraits, we would show up just before the ceremony. But we highly  recommend coverage of that pre-ceremony and getting
ready time, as it’s going to be some of the more memorable, emotional, and important moments of the day to remember forever!
We can always do a staged exit photo, instead of staying until the end of the night, so that you can prioritize your pre-ceremony time.
6 hours is great for the low-key couple with a simple no-bells-and-whistles wedding day plan.


Just think about your wedding day vibe and choose your coverage accordingly! 


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