You fill out our booking form here after you check out our info and pricing, then we respond wicked fast with a custom proposal based off your budget & form answers! We talk details (either on the phone or via email) and get all your questions answered! To get your date booked, we only require a flat $600 (photo) or $1000 (photo & video) deposit to lock us in-- no matter what your final package cost is. Easy peasy, no percentage deposits, low-rate booking deposit because we know you've got lots of other vendor payments to make. Then half your remainder is due 6 months pre-wedding, and then the full balance 30 days pre-wedding. We recommend booking as soon as possible, usually right after you book your venue-- whether that's 6 months or 2 years out, ASAP guarantees your spot with us is saved!

Our typical wedding photo galleries average about 400-700 images - but if we end up with 2453 quality photos, you'll get 'em all beautifully edited in an online gallery (that lasts 10 years) with an easy share-able link so you can send to friends and family (and print wherever you'd like!)  Right within the gallery, there's also an easy cart to order prints directly from our professional lab (if you wanna steer clear of oversaturated and low quality drugstore prints)! Photo delivery for weddings typically takes about 2-3 weeks.
We deliver our videos through an online delivery system - you'll be able to download the actual high resolution video files, not just view your videos on a low-resolution YouTube quality video forever. BUT, you do also get an easy YouTube link from us for sharing your videos on social media, don't worry ;) Video editing takes a bit longer (typically 8-12 weeks).

We HIGHLY recommend keeping your free session with us even if you already have engagement photos taken. You ain't getting married without rehearsing the ceremony, so why get married without rehearsing the wedding portraits?! Since every photographer works differently, we consider this time VITAL in getting to know y'all and knowing what poses make you look your best-- and you get our posing into your muscle memory, AND get to snuggle with your boo. Win win! So even if you've done a session with another photographer, let's still hang out and shoot for a bit, even if you don't need it for the photos!

Heck yes! Say goodbye to feeling awkward in front of the camera. You'd be surprised at how many of our couples initially say "We're not photogenic!" but walk out of their sessions feeling like pro models! We place a lot of value on making our couples feel comfortable in front of the camera. We take the approach of "guided posing", which guarantees we capture your genuine love and personalities, while also telling you where to put your hands if you need it! Our goal is to make you feel the opposite of awkward -- We keep things loose and fun, so that you're comfortable and don't feel like a cheesy cardboard cut-out. Our goal-- you get to love on each other and have a blast while doing it! 

Been in biz for 9 years and shot over 175 weddings in that time (and counting!) We both do this full time so we can devote our total attention to all of our couples! Wouldn't want to do anything else. 

We're fully insured and can provide your venue and any other necessary vendors with a copy of our business license and insurance documents (and add them as additionally insured if necessary!) 
Our travel fees depend on location, but typically if your wedding is within Virginia, we don't charge any fees! If your engagement session is taking place more than 30 min from Richmond, we typically charge a low gas fee -- but any extra fees will be discussed before you book and added to your initial contract, so you don't have to worry about hidden fees popping up after signing your contract with us!

If you guys are big party people, you think your dance floor will be filled all night, and/or you're planning a big exit at the end of your reception, we recommend a 10 hour package so we can be with you from getting ready, all the way to the end of the night! If your day will be more low-key and you think people will trickle out throughout the night, a 6 or 8 hour package will probably take care of most of the day, and we'll usually plan a faux exit to capture your "exit" photos, then head out shortly after open dance floor starts (after all your important reception events are complete, of course!)

See above for our "We're not photogenic!" couple posing reassurance! Our shooting style on a wedding day is a combination of capturing moments like a fly-on-the-wall, and giving direction to ensure the most efficient family/group photo process, and the most fun portrait process! We keep things fun for the whole family (and don't worry, we are GREAT with big groups and loud families!)  As far as editing goes, we don’t really consider ourselves "light and airy" or "dark and moody"-- we try to edit so that your memories are as genuine to the ones that your eyes captured as possible. We wanted your photos to look how it looked on the day of! While remaining true-to-color, we do edit with a sprinkle of a film-esque look (Fuji 400H inspired, if you know your stuff!) 

Short answer -- we can't and won't! On the way home from your wedding, Ashley backs up all your photos and videos to two separate physical hard drives, then a third back-up to Google Drive later that night. Your edited images will also be stored on all 3 locations as well as your online gallery for up to 10 years, so you're pretty much guaranteed completely safe storage of all images and videos forever! We also don't clear any cards until after your gallery and videos have been delivered, just in case something happens to our back-ups. We also shoot dual-cards so that if one memory card corrupts or gets damaged, we still have another card with all of the media on it from the day. Your memories are SO important to us, and we'll do everything in our power to keep them safe forever!

Unless we are dead or bed-ridden from some terrible illness, we will be there, pinky-promise! If something happens to us and we're unable to make the wedding, we have a studio team of 8 photographers and videographers to take over and shoot for us -- and on the nearly-impossible chance none of us are free, we have a network of hundreds of photographer and videographer friends all ready to have our backs and step in for us if necessary. We also have a team of more than just me and Camden, so we can book more than 1 wedding per date -- however, our studio policy is that Camden (for video) and I (for photo) attend the first wedding booked for each date, and we always discuss who will be shooting your wedding before you book so there will be no surprises day-of.  We have your back no matter what happens! 

If you have to reschedule or postpone, your deposit and contract are transferable to a new date. We may or may not charge a rescheduling fee based on the new date you chose. If you do chose a date we already have a wedding booked, we have a team of 8 photographers and videographers to fill in for us, so don't worry one bit - we got your back! If you decide to cancel for any reason (Covid or not!) we always try to return as much of your payments as we can. Our deposits are non-refundable and our contracts state that any money paid up until the point of cancellation is non-refundable, but as Covid has ruined a lot of wedding plans, we've been taking refunds on a case-by-case basis. We are on your team and care about all of our clients so much!

We offer photo and video bundles so you can have as much coverage and captured memories of your day as possible! While photos are great and obviously necessary, video will add SO much to your memories through audio and motion. Our goal is to tell the story of your entire day through a short film you can watch whenever you want! We also film your ceremony and toasts so you have those forever as well. We always recommend booking both photo and video with the same company instead of through 2 different companies -- we have everything down to a science, we don't trip over each other, and we're never in each other's shots because we do this together every weekend! (Not to mention you'll get the best bang for your buck and save some money at the same time!)

We place a really high value on making personal connections with all of our couples and usually become BFFs during the process! You can get a good idea of our vibe and personalities through our website, and we're always down to hop on a phone call to answer any of your questions and make sure we're a great fit. Our highest values are 1, making our couples feel really comfortable in front of the camera 2, feel like they've got a shoulder to lean on during the whole wedding planning process, and 3, making anyone and everyone feel welcome into our business family! If you love to have fun, love being in love, and want to have a luxury photography experience, you may be a great Inman Couple!