1. You fill out our booking form here after you check out our info and pricing!
2. We respond wicked fast with a custom proposal based off your budget & form answers!
3. You can book right then through your online proposal OR we can chat and tweak your package first!
We want to make it as easy and comfy as possible for y'all, so whatever you prefer.
4. We only require a flat $600 (photo) or $1000 (photo/video) deposit to lock us in-- no matter what your final package cost is.
That way, you don't have to worry about us booking up your date, but you have time to decide on your package inclusions with NO RUSH at all, because your second payment isn't due until the midway point (and the final payment due 30 days before the wedding date)! 3 easy payments, that's it! We also offer monthly payment plans if you prefer.

What is our booking & payment process?

frequently asked queries

We don't deliver any RAW photos, but we'll deliver every photo from the day except the 3Bs (blinking-bad-blurry)! Our typical weddings average about 400-700 images-- but if we end up with 2453 quality photos, you'll get 'em all beautifully edited in an online gallery (that lasts 10 years), where you can download and print them wherever you'd like.
Right within the gallery, there's also an easy cart to order prints directly from our professional lab (if you wanna steer clear of oversaturated and low quality drugstore prints)! You can share your gallery link with family and friends, and we have options available to password protect it for the highest security on your photos. We'll also send some instructions on how to back up your photos to Google or a hard drive for maximum backup safety. 
We deliver our videos through another online delivery system specifically for wedding videographers called WedFlow- you'll be able to download the actual high resolution video files, not just view your videos on a low-resolution YouTube quality video forever. BUT, you do also get an easy YouTube link from us for sharing your videos on social media, don't worry ;)

how do you get your photos & videos?

We help y'all plan the entire timeline of your wedding day to make the most of your photography/videography coverage-- we even have an in-house wedding planner to help y'all! However, we still highly recommend hiring a wedding planner or day-of coordinator to help the day run as smoothly as possible since we can't wear four million hats at once-- check out our in-house planner Madi's info over at Edwards Event Co for some HIGH QUALITY coordination and planning services (mention us for a discount)!!! 
We also provide a detailed questionnaire to help you build a run-down of the day, and RIGHT upon booking, every couple receives our 75+ page wedding guide with handy info for throughout the entire wedding planning process--  not just photo-related stuff! Just call us Jack Of All Trades!
(Did we mention we also own a Photobooth, a Mobile Bar Company, and an Online Store??)

we call ourselves pocket sized wedding planners-- why?

Yup- Ashley whips out her signature mega-phone musical theater stage voice and we go to town for large family photo groupings. We're also super great with kids (and PLEASE bring 'em on, #babyfeverprobs).

Are we good with large groupings/Kids?

Industry standard may be 6-8 weeks, but like I said, we do everything lightning fast (but simultaneously, high quality). You'll receive ALL of your session images and ALL of your wedding images within a week. Yeah-- fast ;)

how long till you get your pics?

Hahaha. We get this one a lot. We'll flaunt our young-lookin' genes until we die, everyone! We're happily married and in our 20's, we promise-- but Ashley DID shoot her first wedding when she was a wee 13 year old. We've got 150+ weddings under our belt after 8 years in biz. So... Young? Sure. Inexperienced? Heeeeck no.

Are we like, 16 years old?

We HIGHLY recommend keeping your session with us even if you already have engagement photos taken. You ain't getting married without rehearsing the ceremony, so why get married without rehearsing the wedding portraits?! Since every photographer works differently, we consider this time VITAL in getting to know y'all and knowing what poses make you look your best-- and you get our posing into your muscle memory, AND get to snuggle with your boo again. Win win! So even if you've done a session with another photographer, let's still hang out and shoot for a bit, even if you don't need it for the photos!

I already had engagement pics-- can we opt out of those?

We are pocket sized wedding planners. Emergency dress-sewers. Bandaid providers. Veil pinning masters. Walking medicine cabinets of Advil. Makeup-toucher-uppers (well, Ashley more than Camden). Anything you'd possibly need on your wedding day is our priority: not just pretty pics.

We're not just

wedding photographers...

All of our couples get extra support in the planning process, since we provide vendor recommendations, super detailed timeline planning, and tips on how to make the wedding day run as smoothly as possible! We even have an awesome client support Facebook group we add all of our couples to!

we're there from day 1

to help in any way

Our mission in running this business is to come alongside couples, not just take some photos and dip out. We value each and every one of our clients as a friend, and after your wedding day, we stay in touch (and send you little goodies every once in a while!)

we don't just disappear

after your sparkler exit

We understand there are ranging budgets and needs out there, and we don't want to hold anyone back from booking with us if they're in love with our experience and our photo and video work, so we also build fully custom packages in additional to our sample package offers!

our packages are 

fully customizable


what sets us apart?

we know you don't just want to READ the raves....

so we let you watch them too.

Disclaimer: These video reviews were filmed with
our client's iPhones and have no relation to the quality of our videography skillz.
We promise. 😉🤣

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