The Essential Questions to Ask While Looking For Your Photographer & Videographer


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This will reveal how careful your photographer/videographer is with your images and videos. If they’re top-quality, they’ll have
multiple back-ups of everything in multiple locations, both physical storage AND cloud storage – and they’ll keep everything forever
just in case so there’s no chance of losing anything! Red flags would be if they set an expiration date for your gallery (i.e. you don’t
have access to it for forever) or don’t shoot on a dual-card slot camera in case one card goes corrupt. Always ask this question!!!
Your memories could be lost forever if they don’t have a solid plan in place of backing everything up.


Especially with Covid, this question is so so important to know what plan your photographer has in place in case they get sick
or can’t make it to your wedding for any reason. If they don’t have back-ups in mind, you could be left without a photographer
with super short notice and NO bride wants to be in that position!! They should either have a team of multiple other photographers
/videographers who can take over for them at a moment’s notice (like we do!), or at least have a list of quality colleagues with
a similar style they could refer you to last-minute. However, if they can’t make the wedding, THEY really should be doing the
leg work to find you a replacement instead of throwing you to the wolves to find one yourself.


This is a loaded one – ask several questions to establish and understand their rapport!
1. Are they licensed and insured?
Can they provide proof to your venue? (A lot of venues will require you book vendors with liability insurance!)

2. How many weddings have they done and how long have they been shooting?
(Make sure they have solo shot weddings and not just second shot for other photographers!)

3. Can they provide you with some full wedding galleries so you can see how they capture the day?
(Take note of all the details and make sure they don’t consistently miss moments or have poor lighting!)

Knowing that your photographer & videographer know their stuff and have lots of experience will give you SUCH peace of mind
on the day-of because you can have full confidence in them and not have to worry a bit!


Every photographer and videographer has a different vibe and style, and different levels of experience. They should know exactly
why they are different than their competition and have an immediate response to this question! If they seem hesitant, their website
isn’t super unique or clear on what they do differently, or they aren’t confident to tell you that you  NEED them involved in your
wedding, it means that their branding and the experience they provide to their clients is weak  and could be inconsistent, not
well-worked out, and may not serve you as well as someone else who can tell you exactly why they stand out in their industry.
For example – OUR highest values are:
1- making our couples feel really comfortable in front of the camera,
 2- feel like they’ve got a  shoulder to lean on during the whole wedding planning process, and
3- creating lasting relationships with our clients that go beyond the wedding day!




Obviously this isn’t an all-encompassing list of questions to ask, but hopefully it gives you an idea of what is vital for a
luxury experience with your photographer and videographer! Want to talk more with us?

For any questions, comments, concerns, or to find yourselves a rad photographer and videographer,
please feel free to keep looking around our website (at
or shoot an email to – here for ya!


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