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Byrd Park Summer Engagement Photography in Richmond, VA

Summer at Byrd Park in Richmond, VA, is nothing short of magical. With its lush greenery, serene lakes, and picturesque landscapes, it’s a haven for engagement photography. Recently, we had the joy of capturing Andrew and Melissa’s love story amidst this stunning backdrop. Their journey, marked by dedication and romance, made for an unforgettable Byrd Park summer engagement photography session.

A Love Story Unfolds

Andrew and Melissa’s tale began in an ordinary setting that blossomed into something extraordinary. Melissa, while working as a server, caught Andrew’s eye. Initially friends, their connection deepened into love. Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship due to Andrew’s military commitments, their bond only grew stronger. After three years apart, Melissa’s move to Virginia marked a new chapter in their lives. Now, after almost seven years together, Andrew’s proposal in a helicopter has set them on a new adventure.

Byrd Park: The Perfect Backdrop

Byrd Park, with its enchanting aura, was certainly the ideal setting for capturing their love. The summer sun casts a golden hue over the park, highlighting its natural beauty. Moreover, the tranquil Boat Lake and the iconic Fountain Lake offer breathtaking views. These spots provided a romantic and serene backdrop for Andrew and Melissa’s engagement photos.

The Essence of Summer in Byrd Park

During the session, the summer breeze and the gentle rustle of leaves added a whimsical touch. The vibrant flowers and the lush greenery of Byrd Park in summer created a vivid tapestry. Thus, each photo radiated the warmth and joy of the season, mirroring Andrew and Melissa’s happiness.

A Personal Touch

Their story added a unique charm to the session. Knowing their journey, from casual encounters to a life-changing proposal, we aimed to reflect both their resilience and love in every shot. As a Virginia wedding photo and video team, capturing such genuine moments is what we cherish the most.

A Farewell to Richmond

With their impending move to Japan, this engagement session was more than just a photoshoot. It was a heartfelt farewell to Richmond, a city that had been a significant part of their story. The photographs from this Byrd Park summer engagement session will serve as a beautiful reminder of their time in Virginia.


Andrew and Melissa’s Byrd Park summer engagement photography was a celebration of love, resilience, and new beginnings. As a Richmond engagement photographer, we were honored to capture these moments. Their story, set against the splendid backdrop of Byrd Park in summer, is also a testament to the beauty of love and the perfect setting Richmond offers for such special occasions.



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