Does It Matter If My Photographer Hasn’t Shot At My Venue Before?


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One of the many common questions we get is,
“Have you shot at my venue before?”
And here’s our answer!

If we have, obviously the answer is “yes” and that’s that! But, if we haven’t been to your venue before, it’s not a big deal and here’s why!

#1 –

We always show up early and scout out the venue for the best photo spots if we haven’t been there before, so you don’t have to worry about us being familiar with it ahead of time! We’ll do our research ahead of time and make sure we’ve got the best plan for the wedding day!
#2 –
We’re always down to tour with you! When you do your final walkthrough or have a meeting with your venue coordinator, invite us along! We always love scoping out a new venue, and we can plan out your wedding day right there with you!
#3 –
If we HAVEN’T shot at a venue a million times, it’s almost a benefit! It’s like we’ve got fresh eyes and unique ideas, instead of just going through the motions if we had shot there several times already. You’ll get a fresh perspective and unique portraits since we’re seeing it all for the first time!
#4 –
We see light differently than non-photographers and can spot good lighting super quickly, no matter where we are. So we’ll be able to find the best spots for photos even if we’ve never stepped foot on the property! We adapt to new environments and can see pretty much immediately where will be best for portraits just based on the lighting!

We’ll be prepped and ready to tackle any new location, so you can totally nix this *required credential* while searching for a photographer!


  1. SJP says:

    This is a fantastic post and we have definitely run into this concern before. Great job addressing everything so well in a short and concise article!

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