Do I Really Need An Engagement Photo Session??


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So you’ve found your photographer, signed your contract, and paid your deposit!
Now what?? It’s time for your engagement session!

We include FREE engagement sessions in every single package just because we consider it such a valuable time to hang out and get to know you!
Since every photographer works differently, we consider this time VITAL in getting to know how you guys
work in front of the camera and what poses make you look your best — and you get our posing into your
muscle memory for the wedding day, AND get to snuggle with your boo. Win win!

We HIGHLY recommend keeping your free session with us even if you already have engagement photos taken.
You ain’t getting married without rehearsing the ceremony, so why get married without rehearsing the wedding portraits?!

So even if you’ve done a session with another photographer, we always try to still hang out and shoot for a bit, even if you don’t need it for the photos!

Keep scrolling to view some of our favorite sessions & locations!

Love what you see and want to book an engagement session?
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