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Birkby House Summer Wedding Photography in Leesburg, VA

Jorge and Susana’s June Wedding Photography and Videography at Birkby House in Leesburg, Virginia.

In the heart of Leesburg Virginia, amidst the warm embrace of summer, we had the honor of capturing a day filled with love, dance, and timeless moments. Jorge and Susie are a couple whose love story is as enchanting as their dance moves. They chose the scenic Birkby House for their summer wedding, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

A Love Story Woven Through Dance

Jorge and Susie’s journey together is nothing short of a fairy tale. Being high school sweethearts who have weathered the storms of long-distance relationships, their love grew stronger with every step. Both are incredibly talented salsa dancers, and this fact was vividly showcased on their wedding day. Their engagement, a surprise meticulously planned by Jorge, marked the end of their long-distance saga, promising a future where every day is a dance of joy and togetherness.

The Splendor of Birkby House Summer Wedding Photography

As Virginia wedding photographers and videographers, we’ve witnessed many beautiful venues, but Birkby House in the summer is a sight to behold. Both with its lush gardens and the unique greenhouse-style reception space, it offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and elegant sophistication. Likewise, the way the sunlight filters through the leaves, casting a warm, golden glow, creates an ideal backdrop for wedding photography and videography.

The Wedding: A Symphony of Natural Elegance

The day began with a solemn ceremony in a local Catholic Church, setting a reverent tone. Then, the celebration moved to the Birkby House in Leesburg, where the atmosphere was alive with love and laughter. Jorge and Susie wanted their wedding to feel natural, avoiding overly posed shots in favor of capturing genuine moments. The décor, with its abundance of greenery, white flowers, and earth tones, complemented by romantic gold detailing, certainly enhanced the intimate and heartfelt ambiance.

Dancing into Forever at Birkby House in Leesburg

The reception was a testament to their shared passion for dance. The dance floor was never empty, with the couple leading the way, their salsa skills leaving everyone in awe. It was a celebration of their journey, from high school sweethearts to partners for life, united by love and dance.

Capturing the Essence of a Birkby House Summer Wedding

Finally, as a Richmond wedding photo and video team, we strive to capture the essence of each unique wedding. Birkby House Summer Wedding Photography is about more than just taking pictures; it’s about preserving the emotion and beauty of the day. Jorge and Susie’s wedding was a beautiful blend of love, tradition, and celebration, making it a joy to document.

In every smile, every dance move, and every tender moment, we saw the depth of Jorge and Susie’s bond. Their Birkby House summer wedding was not just an event. It was a celebration of a journey that is just beginning. As Virginia wedding videographers and photographers, we are honored to have been a part of their special day, capturing memories that will be cherished for years to come.

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Other Vendors:
Makeup: Jaime Dagostino
Wedding Planner: Keyla Alanes Events
Cake: Amphora Bakery
Florist: Petal N’ Bloom
DJ/Band: DJ Mario with The DC DJs
Bridal/Dress Shop: ZAKAA Couture Bridal
Tux/Suit Shop: Men’s Wearhouse
Catering: Tuskies



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