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Big Spring Farm Fall Wedding Photography in Lexington, VA

We had the honor of capturing Erik and Tara’s enchanting October wedding day at Big Spring Farm, a venue renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and rustic charm. Despite the rain, courtesy of a passing hurricane, this Big Spring Farm Fall Wedding Photography was nothing short of magical, embodying the spirit of fall and the unbreakable bond between the couple.

Big Spring Farm: A Fall Paradise

Big Spring Farm, nestled in the heart of Virginia, is a picturesque setting for weddings, especially during the fall season. The sprawling landscapes, dotted with vibrant autumn hues, create a stunning backdrop for photography and videography. Additionally, the serene lake and rustic barn add a touch of elegance and charm, making it a favored choice for those seeking a Virginia wedding venue that truly captures the essence of fall.

Erik and Tara’s Unique Love Story

Erik and Tara’s journey to the altar is as unique as their love for each other. They met under the most amusing circumstances at a beach wedding in 2019, both accompanied by their beloved dogs. The mix-up with Tara’s dog, Thor, and Erik’s nickname, Thorson, sparked their initial connection. Their proposal story is equally enchanting, with Erik orchestrating a surprise that led them from a hike on Old Rag Mountain to a surprise dinner and engagement party, all under the theme “4.3.21 ENGAGE,” a nod to Erik’s love for dad jokes and space exploration.

The Wedding: A Stormy Yet Beautiful Day

Their wedding day at Big Spring Farm was a testament to their adventurous spirit and love for each other. Despite the challenges posed by the hurricane, the couple and their guests experienced moments of beauty and joy. The rain paused just in time for post-ceremony photographs, allowing us to capture stunning shots in the farm’s fall beauty. The peach and pink hues of their wedding decor beautifully complemented the natural October setting, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Capturing Memories at Big Spring Farm

As a Virginia wedding photo and video team, we are always seeking venues that offer both beauty and character. Big Spring Farm did not disappoint! The unique combination of natural beauty, rustic elements, and the farm’s ability to shine even under the grey skies of a hurricane made Erik and Tara’s wedding a memorable event. Their wedding photos will forever hold the essence of their love and the beauty of the venue, despite the stormy weather.

In conclusion, Erik and Tara’s wedding was a celebration of love, resilience, and the beauty of embracing the unexpected. As Virginia wedding photographers, we loved capturing the moments of joy, and the stunning backdrop that the venue provided. This wedding and Big Spring Farm Fall Wedding Photography not only celebrated the union of two souls. But also the timeless beauty of love against the backdrop of Virginia’s fall landscape.

Big Spring Farm is a gorgeous wedding venue, rain or shine! To take a look at their website click here. To check out another wedding we have shot at Big Spring Farm click right here!



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