Behind the Scenes- 2015!


For Photographers

One thing that makes me super happy around the end of each year is seeing all my fellow photographers put up their Behind the Scenes posts! Whether it’s to ACTUALLY see behind the scenes of a photographer’s life, or to just laugh at their expense… Well, you choose. 😉

2015 was a CRAZY BUSY one for the books- I shot 31 portrait sessions, 8 weddings, 9 engagement shoots, 5 events, and second shot 3 weddings! Hopefully 2016 is even busier, crazier, and happier than ever.

Without further ado, enjoy behind the scenes of 2015!

When it’s in the negative degrees and you want to have a prom dress shoot…. RUN TO THE WARMTH!
Sometimes I let them steal my camera.
Necessary situation.

Modeled myself for Walk In Love!
Styled shoots with Danielle 🙂
Ring shots!
Mooooore ring shots.
EVEN MORE ring shots!
The summer of the stubby ponytail.
So stubby.
Here comes the bride!
Many, many, many funny photos taken while testing the light.
When you have to get the perfect angle…
Light testing.
More light testing.
Self portrait failure. I don’t think I was ready.
“Scoot this way juuuuuust a bit.”

Not sure what I’m doing here.
Or here. Going diving, maybe?
What even.
Second shooter gorgeousness 🙂
The wedding season of Keds.

When you try to free-lens but don’t have enough hands, you have to rest your camera on your stomach. What, do I look bad??
From above.
More stubby ponytail, much?
Ashley, don’t text while you’re on the job.
All the littles 🙂
Gotta get the right angle.
Photobombed by a horse!
Bubbles are necessary for a first dance.
More light testing 🙂
I think I lost the ponytail at last!
More littles. <3
She didn’t want to see the picture, I guess.
More light testing with gorgeous second shooters 🙂
Had to pretend I was getting married… Duh….
Shooting portraits in the pitch dark??? Check!
I think the littles are attracted to me somehow…
The life of a wedding photographer. This one makes me laugh. #foreveralone

Cheers to 2016 rolling in!


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