Y'all, we were JUST engaged, too--
And along the way, we learned that this planning stuff is AAA LOTTTT. 

So... we decided we want our couples to be able to LIVE MORE and STRESS LESS.
We don't call ourselves "pocket-sized wedding planners" for nothin', folks. From timeline planning, to vendor recommendations, to anything else you need?

To the guys, from a guy:
Camden here. I totally get not LOVING picture time. Right there with ya, bro.

Well with us, you don't have to worry about being bored, feeling awkward,
or not being able to be yourself. We make the entire experience fun-- even for the dudes. Just focus on loving on your boo and letting loose and I promise--

We're Camden and Ashley Inman -- 

We're two soulmates, wandering around the world, photographing
and filming other humans in love-- while leaving behind lasting
memories, dad jokes out the wazzoo, and two new friends. 

We're complete goofballs, VA-living with our daught-- *cough* cat,
Nori (Ashley's method of stalling/coping until we can get a dog).

Unconditional love comes first-- anyone and everyone is welcome here!

Hi, hello, what's up, or as the frat boys say, 

"What's Good?"

We've got you covered.

We'll handle the rest.

she does the photo,
he does the video

We are pocket sized wedding planners. Emergency dress-sewers. Bandaid providers. Veil pinning masters. Walking medicine cabinets of Advil. Makeup-toucher-uppers (well, Ashley more than Camden). Anything you'd possibly need on your wedding day is our priority: not just pretty pics.

We're not just

wedding photographers...

All of our couples get extra support in the planning process, since we provide vendor recommendations, super detailed timeline planning, and tips on how to make the wedding day run as smoothly as possible! We even have an awesome client support Facebook group we add all of our couples to!

we're there from day 1

to help in any way

Our mission in running this business is to come alongside couples, not just take some photos and dip out. We value each and every one of our clients as a friend, and after your wedding day, we stay in touch (and send you little goodies every once in a while!)

we don't just disappear

after your sparkler exit

We understand there are ranging budgets and needs out there, and we don't want to hold anyone back from booking with us if they're in love with our experience and our photo and video work, so we also build fully custom packages in additional to our sample package offers!

our packages are 

fully customizable


what sets us apart?

we know you don't just want to READ the raves....

so we let you watch them too.

Disclaimer: These video reviews were filmed with
our client's iPhones and have no relation to the quality of our videography skillz.
We promise. 😉🤣

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