5 Ways to Penny Pinch for Your Wedding


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It’s Ashley and Camden- your favorite wedding photographers and pocket-sized wedding planners. Every week we like to tackle some of the biggest topics in the wedding industry, and this week is no different! Today we’re talking about 5 ways you can save money for your wedding- because who doesn’t want to save money? Weddings are expensive guys!! But- we’re here to make it better. Let’s go!

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  1. Avoid a Saturday Wedding

Saturdays are the most desired wedding day for a reason! It’s convenient- and who doesn’t love to party on a Saturday night? However, the popularity means that the prices get hiked up on Saturdays to account for demand. Consider a Friday night, Saturday morning, or Sunday wedding to immediately save costs! If you’re really not picky, go for a weekday! Not only are you going to save costs, but there’s way more availability for your vendors. Win win!!

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  1. Limit the Bar


Now, we’re not saying you have to stick to water and lemonade (unless you want to!) but cutting back on alcohol is definitely a good way to save costs. Consider doing just a champagne toast, or a wine/beer selection only. If you really want to have some liquor, make a signature drink or two so that your liquor cost is limited to just one type instead of a full bar. Check out our blog here to see how much alcohol you really need!

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  1. Be Smart About Your Attire


Grooms- consider renting from somewhere that offers a “groom’s special”! Many retailers offer a special where if you have 5 paid rentals, the groom is free. This doesn’t even have to be your bridal party if you are wanting to keep it small! Fathers, grandparents, uncles, friends- anyone can be counted in the 5-person limit and your tux will be FREE. Brides! If you’re able to, keep an eye out for sample sales at your local bridal shops. They have HUGE discounts on wedding dresses that are already in the store that were used as try on’s. They are usually in great condition since the stores want them to look perfect for their brides. Jump on these!! And bonus- they usually include bridesmaid dresses in these sales. Bring your girls and enjoy a day of shopping AND deals!

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  1. Hire a Wedding Planner!


This may seem counter intuitive- but trust us, this can end up saving you money in the long run! “But you guys, it’s hiring a whole other vendor. I can do this on my own!” And maybe you are a planner type. But!! Wedding planners have tons of connections. They know the ins and outs of planning a wedding and will be able to lead you to the right vendors and give you tips on where to cut back that make sense for your situation. And they’re able to manage the day of so that you can sit back and relax. We could go on about this (and we have! Check out our blog here!) but for now, let’s move on.

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  1. Prioritize!


This one is arguably most important! Think about everything you need for your wedding and put it in order of importance. Then allocate your money according to what’s most important. If you care more about your dress than the desserts- then splurge on your dress and go simple on the cake (or go for an alternative!). Keeping things in perspective will help you stick to your budget.


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