5 Ways Include Your Pet in Your Wedding


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What up fly people?????


Ashley and Camden here- ready to drop some KNOWLEDGE!! Today’s topic is all about the loves of our lives… no, not our fiances….. Our pets!!!!!! DUH!


If you’re anything like us, our pets are our children. We absolutely adore them. (Just check out our Insta-story just about any day of the week!) So naturally, we wanted to figure out how to include these fluffy little monsters into our big day. Let’s get started!

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  1. Flower Child

Who says a flower girl has to be a small toddler? Why not use your dog or cat or rabbit or guinea pig? Depending on the age and size of your furry friend, you can totally have them pave the way for the bride. If they’re on the younger, smaller side- have a human friend carry them down in a basket or wagon! If they’re large and in charge, they can lead the way on a leash. Either way, I can guarantee big smiles the whole way down the aisle.


  1. Ring Bearer

Contrary to what Jake Peralta says, a ring bearer does not necessarily mean it needs to be a bear. Have your pet bring the rings down in a basket, box, pillow, or however you see fit (guarded by a human too)! We recommend having some fake rings if you go this route- just to err on the side of caution…

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  1. A Signature Drink

Maybe your venue doesn’t allow pets- or Fido may just not do well around big crowds. That’s okay too! Name a drink in their honor. You can make the drink fit their personality, or just the fact that both make you smile could be enough of a commonality. Either way you role, guests will be sure to take in a signature sip of your pet’s favorite beverage with a chuckle.


  1. Include them in the Décor

Who says your pet can’t be a style statement? Throw a picture of your furry friend’s face on some cocktail napkins, signage, or even your guest book. A subtle homage to you and your man’s best friend is a great way to include them, even if they can’t make the trip to join you in person.

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  1. Party Favors

Lastly, incorporate them in your favors! You can either make the favors themed after your pet, or have the favors be a gift FROM your pet! I mean, come on. How cute would it be to have a little cookie pack from Fido to your guest as a thank you for seeing their parents get married? My heart is already melting.


We love seeing your pets and how special they are to you! Trust us, we understand. And if you’re getting married and having your pup attend- please invite us. We love love, and especially if that love includes a furry friend.


As always, thanks for checking out what we have to say! Keep up with our shenanigans on IG and FB– there’s always new pet filled content. We promise.


Until next time,

Ashley and Camden


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