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Ashley and Camden here!! Welcome back to another exciting blog! We’re thrilled you want to join us as we break down all the big topics when it comes to your wedding day. Today we wanted to talk about 5 ways to make your wedding ceremony more unique! Whether you’re a traditionalist looking to add in some flare to their ceremony, or rebels who want something new and different- we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

*Disclaimer- Images from 1,2,4, and 5 are from Pinterest! We can’t wait for some of our couples to try these out!

Unique Ceremony Ideas from Inman Photography

  1. Wine Ceremony


Now, if you’ve been to a few weddings, you’ve probably seen some version of a unity ceremony. Sometimes it’s a candle, sometimes it’s a braided rope, sometimes its sand. If you choose to have a unity ceremony of any kind, these are all great choices! But one cool way to spice it up is to make it a wine ceremony. Take a red and a white and pour them together into one bottle to form your own unique blend. This is especially fun for wine lovers and is a great way to tie that into your day.

Unique Ceremony Ideas from Inman Photography

  1. Alternative Flower Girls/Ring Bearers


No one said you have to use a small child for the flower girl or ring bearer! Why not give these special roles to someone close to you for a laugh? Grandparents are a very sweet and sentimental choice, while having a “not so delicate” friend of yours may also be a fun twist. You can also have a pet do the job! (If you’re looking for other ways to include your furry friend, check out our blog here!) Either way you decide to go- please send us pictures!

Unique Ceremony Ideas from Inman Photography

  1. The “Last Chance” Shot


Many couples are opting for an unplugged ceremony in order to keep phones out of pictures and the focus on what’s important. And while this is a wonderful idea- sometimes your well-meaning Aunt is still going to sneak her phone out when she thinks no one is looking to get that Facebook photo. Give Aunt Sue (and the rest of your sneaky guests) a chance to get their photo with a “Last Chance” shot! Have your officiant give your guests the chance to take one last photo at the beginning of the ceremony before putting their phones away for the rest of the ceremony.

Unique Ceremony Ideas from Inman Photography

  1. Seating in the Round


If your venue allows for it- why not shake up the seating arrangements? Have seating in the round so that everyone can get a good view of you two. This also makes for some really cool photo opportunities!

Unique Ceremony Ideas from Inman Photography

  1. Funky Aisle Runner

Last but not least, don’t neglect your aisle!! Spice it up by having a cool aisle runner or layer a bunch of fun rugs on top of each other for a cozy vibe. If you want to try making your own aisle runner, check out our blog here for one of our ideas!

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