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How’s everyone doing today?? Ashley and Camden here! We’re so stoked to be talking to you guys all about this week’s topic- DIY!! Now, whether you’re a crafter, or you just want to save some money and do it yourself, we’re here with a few great ideas to spruce up your wedding all on your own. Are you guys ready? We are! Let’s dive in.

*Disclaimer- all images in this post are from Pinterest!

Richmond DIY Wedding Photography

Custom Soda Pop Wedding Favors


If you’re going for a retro/country feel for your wedding- these little custom sodas bottles may be perfect for you! All you have to do is get your favorite sodas in the glass bottle (if you can’t find them locally- order in bulk. Then, either find a template on Etsy, or make your own label with whatever you’d like on it! Whether it’s your names, “Mr and Mrs”, the date, or a quote- spruce it up to fit you and your fiancé, and then attach to each bottle. These are so sweet and simple, and such a crowd pleaser.

Richmond DIY Wedding Photography

Paint Stroke Wedding Place Cards


This is one of the easiest DIY’s, but they look so modern. You can choose to do this on your computer or hand write each name- whatever floats your boat. If you do it on your computer, format it like business cards so each card is the same size and you can easily cut them. Justify the names to the right side of each card. Once you’re done, take a paint brush and paint in your favorite color and do a light stroke. The result? A simple, modern place card that’s bound to get some compliments.

Richmond DIY Wedding Photography

Campfire Wedding Favors


Little kits are so much fun for wedding favors. Put together a smore’s kit or hot chocolate in a little bag with a sweet note! These favors are sure to leave all the warm and fuzzy feelings with your guests.

Richmond DIY Wedding Photography

Vintage Post Card Programs


Programs are one of those things most couples tend to forget until close to the wedding! For a little travel inspired touch, find a bunch of blank vintage postcards from your local antique store and write your program on the back! To take it up a notch, print it directly on to the card with your printer. Easy peezy, and such a unique memento.

Richmond DIY Wedding Photography

Splatter Paint Aisle Runner


This one is for the artists at heart!! For a truly unique aisle runner, grab some fabric from your local craft store in the length of your aisle. Head home and go to town with your fiancé and a few paint brushes!! It’s super simple, but definitely something to catch your eye. Keep to light or complimentary colors so it doesn’t draw attention away from you and your fiancé. Plus, when it’s all done, you can take any sections that aren’t too dirty, cut them, and frame them later!

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