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Best Apps for Running a Small Business

Our Top 5 Best Apps for Running a Small Business

Today we’re talking about our top 5 best apps for running a small business!

From strategizing social media, to sending contracts to clients, to categorizing your expenses, running a small business has so many facets and things to keep track of.

These apps and programs are our favorite ways to stay on top of things and run a smooth sailing, well-oiled machine of a business! Check out our favorite apps for running a small business.


1. Planoly – Social Media Management App for Small Businesses

Planoly for social media management

Social media management apps for running a small business.

Planoly is our FAVORITE app to use for social media scheduling.

It provides detailed analytics on your post dates and times, as well as allows for scheduling and auto-posting of feed posts, reels, stories, and more!

You just upload your desired photo, add the caption and any hashtags, and schedule it for a certain date or time. It also provides recommended times based on your followers and activity levels!

You can build hashtag groups for easy access (instead of having to type them out for EVERY. SINGLE. POST).

There are a million other aspects and tools that will make your social media management a BREEZE! One of the best apps for running a small business.

Use our PLANOLY AFFILIATE LINK and sign up for Planoly today!


2. Trello – Task Management Apps for Small Business Owners

Task Management apps for running a small business

One of the best task apps for running a small business.

Trello is an app for creating to-do lists and organizing all tasks for your business!

It allows for multiple users per business so you can share tasks and boards with all your employees, virtual assistants, etc.

Trello consists of boards, which consist of lists, which consist individual items. As a result, you can really customize and break apart your tasks into categories. You can label with colors, assign individual tasks or entire lists to certain people, and write out detailed instructions on each task with due dates, attachments, and different power ups.

It’s super customizable to any business needs.

Sign up for TRELLO today!


3. Dubsado – Client Relationship Management Apps for a Small Business Owner

Dubsado - CRM apps for running a small business

One of the best client relation management apps for running a small business.

We use Dubsado as our CRM (Customer relationship management) for all of our client projects and files.

You can send contracts, invoices, proposals, questionnaires, forms, and surveys as well as build lead forms to embed into your site.

It has accounting software to track income, expenses, mileage, and more. You can also give detailed reports on all of your upcoming client activity like payments and project dates.

You can communicate with clients directly through the program to track open rates and get read receipts! They even have a section to schedule appointments and track your calendar.

You can build templates and workflows so that your clients automatically get emails, forms, and other info during their project duration. The workflows are SUPER customizable. There is way more customization than Honeybook or 17Hats provides. You can build detailed step-by-steps for each of your products or project types.

The possibilities REALLY are limitless with Dubsado! You NEED this amazing program, one of the best apps for running a small business.

Use our DUBSADO AFFILIATE LINK to sign up and get a discount today!


4. Wave – Accounting Software (It’s Free!) Apps for Running a Business

Wave- Accounting App for running a small business.

One of the best accounting apps for running a small business.

Instead of using a paid service like Quickbooks or Xero, we use a totally FREE app called Wave!

You can also get a paid account to run payroll and other premium features, but the free subscription has a ton of features that we use super frequently. You can track and categorize expenses, log mileage, view income and payments, download a Profit & Loss sheet for your accountant, and even automate all of your accounting!

Wave also offers accounting services as well internally which is super convenient.

Create your free WAVE ACCOUNT today!


5. Calendly – Appointment Management App for Small Business Owners

Calendly - Scheduling app

One of the best apps for running a small business.

Calendly is a free and super intuitive calendar scheduling app!

We use it for scheduling all of our photo sessions, client & coaching calls, and consultations! You can input availability, connect your calendar for automatic updates and build custom set hours for different things. It also allows you to take payments for bookings, and build different event types for different meetings.

You can ask multiple questions while someone is signing up for an appointment, so you eliminate the need for a questionnaire after they book! It has everything in one place and is free and easy to use (has a paid subscription for premium features).

It has a lot of integrations with other management apps for optimization and easy automation!

Use our CALENDLY AFFILIATE LINK to sign up today and get a discount!


These are our favorite apps and have really helped to automate aspects of our business that were taking us far to much time to manage before! We highly recommend checking all of them out and snagging a free account (use our links for discounts!)

Happy managing!



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