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Hope you all are having a fabulous week! We’re back in action and wanted to hit on a tricky subject- groomsmen gifts. For some reason, men always seem to be the hardest to shop for, but you still want to get them something rad to thank your groomsmen for all of their hard work and support on your big day. SO! We’ve compiled 10 ideas that are sure to get the special men in your life pumped up and will definitely show your appreciation. Let’s dive in!

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Wallet with Gift Card

Every guy needs a fresh new wallet. Grab yours a cool one at Macy’s or TJ Maxx and throw in a gift card to their favorite fast food restaurant!


Are your groomsmen musically inclined? Stop by your local vintage shop and grab each of them a vinyl from their favorite band!

Shaving Kit

Even guys deserve a little pampering! Why not treat them to a quality shave kit? Go high class with something from Art of Shaving, or basic with some of the high end lines at Target.

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Food Kits

Williams Sonoma has a huge selection of cool recipe kits. Get your men in the kitchen with one of these starter kits! From soft pretzels, to mochi, to sushi- there’s something for everyone.

Graphic Tees

You can’t go wrong with a classic graphic tee. Show them you care by throwing in their favorite band, TV show, or even Youtuber!

Craft Beer

Craft beer is a classic option for groomsmen. Spice it up by finding something from a local brewery- or even get them a ticket to a beer tasting!

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Water Bottles

Make staying hydrated easy! There are so many cool water bottles out there- from temperature controlling, to smart bottles that tell you how much you’re drinking, there’s so many options that are sure to wow!

Movie Tickets

Honor the cine-files in your life with some tickets to the next blockbuster! Ticketmaster makes it super easy to gift movie tickets to pretty much any movie theater in the country. Talk about easy peasy!!

Mini Golf Tickets

Similarly to movie tickets, try gifting an experience rather than an item! Mini golf brings out the competitive spirit in all of us, and is a super fun date night gift or a guys night out.

Coffee Brewer

For the coffee snobs in our lives- try getting a manual coffee maker! They are all the rage these days and allegedly make some of the best coffee. And at only $40 a pop, they’re pretty affordable too!


No matter what route you take, your groomsmen will totally appreciate the thought you put into showing how grateful you are for them! Now all that’s left is your bridesmaids- lucky for you, we’ve got that covered too. Check it out here!


That’s it for now folks! As always, check us out on IG and FB for all the gnarly content you can imagine!


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