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What’s up everyone?? Ashley and Camden here!! We are SO excited to talk about today’s topic: BRIDESMAID GIFTS!!!! Now, everyone and their mother is familiar with the run of the mill bridesmaid gifts (satin bathrobes and bath bombs, we’re looking at you…) BUT if you’re more into breaking the mold- we’re here to help. We’ve come up with some KILLER bridesmaid gifts that will be sure to leave your girls stoked! These women are by your side (literally and figuratively) for one of the most important days of your life- it’s important you show them you appreciate it! Check out our list of non-boring gifts and let us know your thoughts:

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No, we’re not talking your grandmother’s slippers. Get your girls some fun slippers to slip on the night before and while you’re getting ready!! Not only are they comfy cozy, but they’ll keep those pedis looking sharp the whole day.


Zodiac Jewelry

Want to get them some jewelry? Why not personalize it with their zodiac signs? So many jewelry companies are starting to get into the astrology trend, and it’s a great way to give your girls something personal but subtle.


Personalized Journals

Every girl NEEDS a good journal! Try taking a look at a nice quality leather journal with their name on it? It’s guaranteed to be used, and it’ll put a smile on their face whenever they need to jot down a note or two.

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Who doesn’t LOVE a good candle? Our tip? Wait til Bath and Body Works has their annual sale and stock up! Those 3 wick candles are no joke and are a great deal when they have their sales. Plus there’s a scent for everyone!


Mini Mixer Kits

Bring out your inner bartender with little mini mixer kits! You can either run to the nearest liquor store and get some pre made mixers, or find a recipe online and give your girls all the ingredients they need to make it. This gift is sure to get everyone fired up!


Face Mask Collection

Pamper your bride tribe with an assortment of face masks! Target has a HUGE selection in their beauty department, go nuts and give these girls some skin treatments for endless nights of relaxation.

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Locally Made Cookies or Candies

We love supporting local businesses, especially when it involves sweets! Try seeking out your favorite local bakery or candy maker and get some sweet treats to brighten up your girls’ day!


Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books aren’t just for kids folks! Unleash your inner artist a la James Charles and grab some adult coloring books and a set of fancy markers. It’s the perfect stress reliever and gives anyone the chance to be an artist too!


Adopt an Animal in their Name

Are you a big animal lover? Why not “adopt” an animal in need in your girls’ honor? All kinds of animals are in need of financial support, and you can send a donation in their name to help animals of all types, such as pandas, elephants, giraffes, or even puppies. Spread some love!


Polaroid Camera

Last but not least, a polaroid camera! These cutie little cameras are such a fun throwback gift, and are perfect to have on hand while you are all getting ready so that you have some instant pics of all the fun.


Thanks for hanging out with us today! We hope these ideas spark some joy for you. Let us know if you end up getting any of these for your squad!


As always, keep up with our shenanigans on IG or FB! And if this was helpful for you, check out our groomsmen gift guide here!


Until next time,

Ashley and Camden


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